Friday, February 17, 2012


OK - finished!!  It seems it pays to get up at 4:30 a.m...........I got a LOT done this morning before 9 LOL!  Here are the promised two canvases for the Brown Bathroom.  I love that I got to use two of my grandmother's buttons and OLD, old album paper from about 1932.  If  it's old, chances are I'm gonna love it.

Early Bird

Well, I managed to wake up again at 4 a.m.......not that I WANT to, mind you.  It's just how my internal clock seems to be set these days.  So, after thinking about getting up for half an hour I finally did and am now at my craft table at 4:58 a.m., fresh juice, a pile of supplies and my camera.  I am ready to start the artwork for the Brown Bathroom.  First, though, I should share some before and after pics of that little room. 

Before, drab cement gray color with white trim & brown tiles.  (Yes I know it all looks a bit on the yellow side......I can't get the color right with the flash and can't get the picture at all without the flash.  Perhaps a better camera is in my future.....)

                              The shower/tub/toilet end of the room.

                         The end of the bathroom opposite the shower

                 The end of the counter area abutting the shower area wall.

After, a rich, deep brown with turquoise, deep red and brown accents, a bright new Ikea shower curtain and some new wall art from Hobby Lobby.

As you can see, I have some bare wall to add something to, which is why I hit The Simple Blue Room early today.  I am starting on my collages!!  Woo Hoo!!  Can't wait.  Stop back at the end of the day to see how much I managed to get accomplished.........

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oh well....

The best of intentions I had, yes..............however I cannot get my camera to "associate" with my computer here at work, so I'm not gonna have pictures up until this evening.  I will post pictures of the brown bathroom (yes, brown) and the artwork I am working on to go on those brown (yes, brown) walls.  Hope you'll stop back by....

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wow....long time, no blog!

Yup, I'm a Bad Blogger.  I work at a job outside my home and sometimes I let that be an excuse for not doing anything else.  But, I am looking to spend more time at home and thus I will be in The Simple Blue Room more often, I hope.

This room is well loved and well lived in!  I still haven't hung the curtains because it will involve moving the HEAVY L-shaped desk so the ladder can get up next to the window.  Another excuse to procrastinate....However, I have my daughter willing to make a lovely valance for me to top off the curtains-which-aren't-hung yet, so I'd better get to measuring & hanging.  

I really like this room.  A lot.  Most of my free time is spent in here.  DH has his man-cave (and his game of Civilization) so we both get all the "me time" we could want.  My room makes me smile and feel energized.  Much of what I use to craft with is out in the open where I can see it.  If I put it all neatly behind closed doors/in boxes, bins or cans I would never know what I have.  As it is, I sometimes open up a container and think "Oh wow!  I didn't know I had THAT!"  and I'm off on a new project.  And currently I have TOO many of those LOL!!  So, while I don't get as much time in this room as I'd like, I do love being in there.  I will get a couple of pictures posted tomorrow of the newest projects from The Room: collaged canvases for my newly painted bathroom, a denim picnic blanket I need to (finally) finish and one of my grandmother's crazy quilts ready to be backed and finished.  See?  I told you I have too many projects.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don't give up on me.  I'll be back tomorrow with pictures!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Makeover....and much more

Have you ever thought about taking a different path in your life?  Perhaps changing your job or retiring....or starting your own business......or moving.......well.....have you??  I have.  And I want to share with you how one room makeover is helping me make a change. 

Welcome to A SIMPLE BLUE ROOM and how my life is evolving into the one I've always wanted.

A month or so ago, I had one of my chicks leave the nest (again LOL!) and I claimed the empty bedroom.  You see, I am an ARTIST at heart....always have been.  My family teases that the only craft or art medium I haven't tried yet is welding!  (It's true.)  This room was going to be my 'craft room/art studio' and I was so excited to start planning it.  But FIRST, there was just a bit of work to do......

It was dark gray with black trim......with a thousand holes in the wall from hanging pictures, posters, speakers & guitars.  A daunting task lay ahead to repair and repaint, but my biggest supporter (The Hubs) helped me jump in and get started.

Spackled, retextured and the primer cut in.  Note that even the ceiling is gray..........It took a few weekends and evenings but we managed it and I couldn't be happier!!  Here are the shots on the day I began to move in. 

 The desks & chair are from Ikea.  I have an L-shaped craft table on one wall which accommodates my computer with a rolling cart and printer within reach.

 We took the doors off the closet and put in two small shelving units, also from Ikea.  The magazine boxes (Ikea!!) hold my scrapping magazines, knitting patterns, artwork ideas, etc.  A few of my albums are on the bottom shelf.

 Just to the right of the L-shaped desk is another cart for my Cricut machine and a few (and I mean just a FEW) of all the doo-dads I use in my work.

 The right hand side of the L-desk where I can scrap, paint, cut & paste. 

 I have stuffed every nook and cranny, as you can see.  These red fabric trunks I found at Marshall's and they contain all my chipboard albums, cardboard and a book binder.

 On the wall directly behind my computer desk is a smaller desk for the sewing machine.  I have never had a dedicated place to sew - I always commandeered the kitchen table LOL!

These drawers are stuffed with scrapping & craft supplies.  They are modular cubes that I purchased at Michael's & put together.  Would you believe I need more???  Yes, of course you would, if you are a crafter LOL!

So that is what it looked like the first week I was in the room.  Please stop back again for an update on the room as it is today.  After working in it for a month, I have made changes to simplify my working process.  Thanks for coming by and I look forward to sharing with you the way this room is helping me become my Authentic Self.  Have you found ways to do that for yourself?  I would love to hear of YOUR journey.